Guam's Worst Drinking Club


The Agana H3 is the original Guam hash and Mother Hash of Micronesia. Since it's founding in 1981, the AH3 has colonized the Saipan, Rota, Palau, Pohnpei & Kosrae hashes, as well as 5 additional Guam Hash kennels.

Most AH3 runs are A to B 'live' sets, with hares given a 10 minute head start. Terrain varies from shiggy to thicker shiggy - in Guam that means jungles, swamps, mountains, rivers and coastline.
We'll cross whatever's between us and the beer.

Guam Hash - shiggy
Guam Hash - booty
Guam Hash - wildlife
Guam Hash - Box

If you have really poor judgement and would like to actually run with the AH3, please read the WHEN/WHERE section below first so you don't show up all unprepared and make us lose you in the jungle where we're certain to leave you for a few days to think about all the poor decisions you've made and how if you'd only brought water you wouldn't be so thirsty and how great it would be to have a headlamp cause, wow, this jungle is really dark and, oh shit what was that - a wild boar? or maybe one of those tree snakes they have? wait, does Guam have panthers? Why didn't I listen to all that shit the tyrant was telling me? And oooh-my-god my skin has been completely replaced by mosquitoes.


Date & Time: Every Saturday. 345p show, 4p map posted
Cost: $8 for beer & snacks, $1 for gloves. T-shirts and other hash schwag are for sale.
Bring: Full hydration pack, waterproof headlamp, gloves.
Do NOT bring: Kids, dogs, or kids.
Wear: Clothes that can get muddy, bloody & torn. Tall socks or long pants are recommended.

Directions 'Guam-style': In Hagåtña between the PDN (tall building with "DNA" at the top) and the cathedral-ly, church-looking thing.
Better directions: Just tell your phone you want to go to the PDN.

Email: The answer to 90% of our emails is "4pm at the Pacific Daily News building, bring $8", but if you still need to contact someone...

Temporary Covid info:

A trail of some kind is available every Saturday around 4pm. Unfortunately, because covid, details change every week and the start location is really only available via word-of-mouth. 

* Hash Cash $8. Gloves $1. Haberdash will be on-site with shirts and various swag for purchase

* Always follow current gov't rules for max group size, etc.

Leave it cleaner than you found it!


What are Guam hashers doing when they're not drinking beer in the jungle? Usually drinking beer at the beach. But, when they're not doing THAT.. they're hosting clean-ups, running in dresses for charity & saving puppies.


From drinkers to strollers, Guam's got you covered.

Full Moon H3

Once a Month

Trails are once per month on the full moon. Bring a headlamp, gloves, water & hash cash. Hares provide good beer & snacks.

More info? Join the Full Moon H3 Facebook group.

Berserk H3

Sunday on 3-day weekends

The Berserk H3 runs on the Sunday of every 3-day weekend. Meet at 2pm at the PDN building in Hagatna. Trails are very long (4-8+ hrs) & very challenging. Bring a full water pack, waterproof light, food and the knowledge that you may spend the night in the jungle.

Vaj H3

About every 28 days

Guam's women-only Hash. Runs are about every 28 days. Like flow, trails may be long or short, daytime or evening.

More info? Join the Vaj H3 on Facebook (males need not apply).

Guam Family Hash

3rd Sunday of the month

Guam's family-friendly and pet-friendly hash. Hashers of all ages and dogs are encouraged. Trails generally have a "big kid" section suitable for 8-12 yrs & a stroller-friendly option.

More info? Join the Guam Family H3 Facebook group.

Darkside H3

?? We might be on one now.

Bar to bar, to bar, etc. Runs are at night, kinda.. whenever. There are 3 good ways to find a DH3 run:

1) Go to an AH3 run and ask.
2) Go out Friday night. If you see flour - follow it.
3) Know Bambi.