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Leave it cleaner than you found it!


Hasher Coastal Cleanup site

We help clean those "hard to reach" places

Each year the AH3 offers their unique set of skills (getting dirty & tromping through shiggy) to get an extra site added to the International Coastal Cleanup. We spend a lot of time in Guam's "not so fresh" nooks and crannies so we're happy to help dig some of the shit out of 'em every now and then. Thanks to everyone who crawls out of bed and gets dirty a little earlier than usual to help us keep the island purty.

Red Dress Run

Fundraiser Event

More than just an excuse to dress up and run through town - each year a charitable organization is chosen to be the recipient of all proceeds from the AH3 Red Dress Run.

2018 RDR proceeds are going to Erica's House, a support service for parents and children in need of visitation and exchange services.


Contact Erica's House

Phone: 1-671-642-4020


Guam Animals In Need

We heart puppies! And cuddly-wuddly little kittens. Stop by the AH3 sponsored kennel at G.A.I.N. Our current tenant is a certified Master Cuddler and 3-time champion face licker, ready to deliver the world's sweetest puppy kisses as fast as your face can take them. All of that cuteness can be yours...

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