Hash Trash #1814: Tyrant turns 50!

Headline: Tyrant turns 50!

sub-headline: Just in time to see his son spanking chicks and daughter exposing her ass to the crowd

March 18, 2017

Hares: McPeanut, One-eyed Willy, Menstruating Minstrel (in absentia)

Box: Left turn off Marine Corps in Asan before big Navy

On-home: Nimitz reservoir

Trail summary: with Minstrel still on the mend, he gave over plans of a perfectly solid trail to McPeanut. He even took McPeanut out and showed him where to start, where to end, and where to middle. And yet, yet, McPeanut and last-minute add One-eyed Willy managed to upper deck it this trail. Don't get me wrong, we eventually got to the waterfalls, and they were cool. But, there were a number of problems: 1) we spent a good half an hour pointlessly crawling through those stupid vines even though a service road was right there and would have gotten the pack to the cool shit a lot quicker. This brings me to 2) the FRBs took almost an hour 40. Most didn't get in til after dark, and Tiny Dancer after midnight, but 3) the hares somehow ran out of tape and flour, making the final dark part of trail the hardest to follow. Still, everyone got in eventually and there was Guinness on trail. And, I have to say, Guinness is best enjoyed with Viagra at a waterfall watching Tampon go off the wrong way on a bad fly.