Hash Trash #1807: Mankini Run

January 28, 2017

Hares: Bambi, Eager Beaver, Fucking Rebar, and Slurpee

Box: down road by watertank from Talafofo Bay

On-home: rocky beach run down from 3 way stop

Trail summary: the Mankini Run, the effeminate but lovable little brother to the Bro Run, reminded us all why banana hammocks and trail don't mix. The trail was set that morning because, depending on who you believe, all the other hares were whining and couldn't agree (Bambi's version), or Bambi kept getting lost (everyone but Bambi's version). So it was full of swordgrass cutting up precious and untested skin of our pasty inner thighs, or it was long and pointless swims virtually guaranteeing a portion of the pack has lepto in the next 10-21 days. They did give us a beer stop 200 yards away from the on-home, but with Trampoline, Bohnbei (sp?), and the ocean, the view was great 360 degrees around.