Hash Trash #1799

December 3, 2016

Hares: Foot Fucker and Just Caitlin

Box: up a road by a bus stop in Piti

On-home: just down the street at a guy named Sunshine's house (not me Sunshine, some other one)

Pubic Cervix Announcement: in case you haven't seen or heard, it's 1800 time this coming weekend. December 10. get to the PDN early to make sure there's no chaos. Bring your camping gear. First-aid kits will be there in case Spazz decides to fire jump again

Trail summary: anyone who knows this area (not me, but I heard other people talking so I pretended to know) knows that the one cool thing out here is Guatali falls. It was just a matter of how we were going to get there and where we'd end up. Minstrel and a group of old fliers found the answer to the second question soon after we broke box. They went in the opposite direction, and sure enough, not 30 yards away were marks. Minstrel hasn't been less excited about a circle jerk since his first year in college. He and Rude Boy did no-nos while Two Buck waited for the hares. Surprise surprise, he got Just Caitlin's shorts and burnt them accordingly.

The rest of us true-trailers were told that the hares got permission from landowners, and it seemed at the beginning they were flaunting their access. We ran through a backyard, some agriculture, and what looked like a weed outpost. Eventually we got into the river for forever, found Guatali falls (pretty cool), and then back up from where we came. And that's when the hares' permission luck ran out. As an FRB pack of Drip Lip, me, Grundle Bundle, Tampon, and others exited the jungle and onto the road, we were greeted by two 18 year old-ish kids tryi