Hash Trash #1815

Headline: Trail literally is bullshit

Sub-headline: Reasonably-long Chili Chili trail leaves everyone confused, alive

March 25, 2017

Hares: Chili Chili and Gummy Whore

Box: Inarajan/Merizo by the Southern Methodist Chruch slash Southern Cowboys bus stop

On-home: on the beach, about a half mile the Inarajan way

Trail summary: Bullshit. That's what this trail was made of. Roughly 2 minutes into trail, the pack came upon a huge field with a massive bull tied to the tiniest, least grounded piece of rope. And there was a check more or less right in front of the bull. This poor animal was not the least bit happy that 50+ homos (short for homo sapiens, come on, don't just jump to the negative) were in its territory. To make matters worse, the first way everyone took was an on-back, which meant we all had to pass the bull again and wander around trying to figure out true trail while it attempted to charge people.