Hash Trash #1813

March 11, 2017

Hares: Fucking Tampon and Trampoline

Box: Ceti Bay overlook

on-home: just a little north off the road

Trail summary: After trail, ThumpHer threw out his one-trick pony insult of, "oh hey, I didn't know the boonie stompers were setting trail this week" because the first half of trail was literally just the actual trail down to the bay. Now normally I make it a policy to never, EVER mention ThumpHer in a positive light or to give credence to a lame and tired insult. But, to be fair, we literally did see a group of hikers, armed with hiking poles and granola bars, about to start this trail right before sunset. Trail went down to the bay, coasteered over the Spanish Bridge (nice to see trail using part of one of the old Bro runs), up into the jungle, into one of the tributaries, up the series of small waterfalls, and back to the road.

At the box, the hares said they had left their balls on trail and anyone who got them would get a prize (Tampon lost his years ago). The FRBs show up to an on-back early in trail, and I see a tonka truck and a huge thing of Styrofoam in a tree. I'm thinking maybe it's a different interpretation of a ball, but then blowhole says, wait, I see something up ahead. About 15 yds away, in a tree, is one of those round floaties that han