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Hash Trash #1806

Hares: Bean Dad, Soul Sucker, Tiny Dancer

Box: Across from Top of the Mar

On-Home: Asan Beach

The shortest trail of 2017, a record which will probably stand all year, could have been shorter. The hares took off out of the front of the box towards Rt. 6, neglecting to tell the pack that trail started the other way. So box broke, and we're scattered looking for marks for about 5 minutes, which, as it turned out, was a healthy percentage of our time on trail. The trail did a stupid loop around the back, eventually bringing us back across the road and behind Top of the Mar anyway, making Two Buck Whore regret having cut off his fly about 10 feet before he would have found the trail. From there, trail was a near-straight shot down to the backside of Asan. The FRBs, however, neglected to mark one of the checks near the top correctly, resulting in Eager Beaver and Raped By Pigs nearly going off a cliff looking for the next mark. Hold My Cock returned to action, getting turned on by Just Caitlin, who slipped and flopped in the mud in front of him the whole way down in a suggestive manner, getting herself named Triptease in the process.

Eat Shit and Die, following Slimius Maximus' vague instructions, made his way to the pipeline, which is not even close to where trail was. Stay thirsty my friend.

Religion was extremely windy, so combined with the ocean, made for some loud background noise. Almost as loud as PODA, who sat up front and earned herself a buttchug. Tyrant and stand-in RA Grundle Bundle did what they could, There was some impromptu camping out, and a shoe down for Just Dan, who was renamed Condom Shoe after drinking out of his shoe and then pulling a plastic baggie out of it. It wasn't even his regular hash shoe. We'll also miss a few hashers who either weren't able to make their shoe down (Cornman on the Cob) or didn't know it was going to be their last weekend here for a while (Bloody Cycle).

Not much longer until Rota, baby!


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