Hash Trash #1805

The 1805

“It’s always good to have an FNG in the bush”

-Fucking Tampon

Hares: drip lip, The fucking Idiot, One eyed Willy

Box: Radar Balls near Leo Palace Gate

On Home: Other side of Leo Palace Road

The trail started predictably as most trails in the area do as a sweltering stroll through a maze of jeep tracks. After a few checks, dodging some mountain bikes, and at least one off roader, the pack descended down a sword grass choked ravine into the river valley below. Once there it was your standard jaunt up the river to page 54 of Dave and Bev Lotz’ best hikes of Guam.

It was right around this point that Blowhole found his calling in the form of an old blue sake bottle which he proceeded to carry through a slippery, rocky river and up a waterfall. Now, as any home-ec teacher will tell you, the ability to not shatter one kind of fragile item (egg, bottle, etc) is directly related to and demonstrative of the ability to not shatter other kinds fragile items e.g. small children. So, those with hash brats please be advised: Blowhole nanny service is open for business. He is most certainly not licensed or bonded in any way and don’t bother with a background check.