Hash Trash #1800: Event Run!

Pubic Cervix announcement #1: Darkside. It's time for the best night run of the year. You saw Blowhole's email, but it's worth repeating here. Friday Dec 23. Showtime 7pm. Theme: let me take an elfie. Christmas your shit up and come out

Pubic Cervix announcement #2: Hash NYE party. We're renting out the pool area of the Pacific Star Hotel (formerly Marriott). It's got beach access, view of the fireworks, oh and a freaking pool. The run cost will be a bit more (stay tuned for announcements), but no better people to ring in 2017 than the AH3. Party like it's 1803! Run #1803 that is.

Onto the run...

Honor up front:

Lots of honor for all those who put on this run. In no particular order...I'm on a Goat for hash cashing, Two Buck for the pig, Pissmiss for his light set up, Chili Chili for the water buffalo, Tampon for cooler work and cleanup, Where's the lube for the sarongs (they're in!), Tyrant for eventually coming back to island and sorting shit out (security), Tube Top for the catering, Gecko for DJing, Wanker, Doc, and Godzirra for the setup, and everyone else who contributed large or small to celebrate another 50 runs with the AH3!

December 10, 2016