Hash Trash #1797

November 19, 2016

Hares: Fucking Tampon and Just Caitlin

Box: Nimitz Hill, Turner Road Playground

On -home ver 1.0: Beach across from Piti Power Plant

On-home 2.0: Just Caitlin’s house

Headline: Another Saturday in November, another trail on Nimitz Hill

Sub headline: Beach across Piti Power Plant is now a “port of entry” to Guam – Who knew?

Sub-sub headline: Gratitude!

Cow Whisperer here - filling in for regular Hash Trash this week. I had this whole thing planned about comparing this trail to the recent election – with slogan puns: #makethistrailgreatagain #feeltheburn (up this hill), and #I’mwithher! (as the pack kept dividing and uniting again). But just like the campaign, this trail was just a little too long, a little too confusing, and we all just couldn’t wait to get it over with – and start drinking. So instead, in the spirit of Thanksgiving – Gratitude!