Hash Trash #1793: World Peace Through Beer

Headline: Angry, not-consulted landowner reluctantly joins religion set on his property. Becomes songmaster

Sub-headline: Godzirra tries to burn down Minstrel's half-built house, one spare 2by4 at a time

No-no from the Hare-raising party

For those of you who weren't cool enough to set a trail in 2016, you missed the AH3's facsimile of a good old fashioned small-town Friday night: Meet a bunch of your friends in an empty field. Eat a lot of pizza. Drink a shit-ton of beers. Switch to liquor. Burn a bunch of stuff. And listen to loud music from an absurdly over-sized truck (Brovaltine, obviously compensating for something). All we were missing was the JV cheerleader giving a blowjob behind a tractor. The high and low were provided by Soul Sucker and Goni. Soul Sucker, the low, passed out unfashionably early but that led lots of people to cuddle with her on the cardboard she was passed out on. Meanwhile, Goni. the high, woke up on top of the watertank having no idea how he and his sleeping bag got up there. His first thought was, "wow I have to take a shit." (true story). His second thought, while tip-toeing over the watertank's unstable surface was, "wow, I hope I don't fall off and die, cause if I did,