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Hash Trash #1792

Did somebody say "Butt Chug"?

Headline: "If I could self butt chug, I wouldn't need a girlfriend." ~Grundle Bundle (on the drive to the on-on-on)

Sub-headline: flash flooding makes great KGB hare

October 15, 2016

Hares: Drip Lip, Grundle Bundle, and Falsetbro

Box: southern mountain overlook

On-home: power station in Umatac

Pubic Cervix announcement 1: world peace through beer this coming weekend. $10 for the run. $25 for run+shirt

Pubic Cervix announcement 2: Nov 5 (3 runs from now). Cancer Sucks Run. $10 for the run. $20 for the pink shirt.

Trail summary: When we hares came together to plan out the trail, Drip Lip wanted everyone to finish the trail that he and McPeanut did a month or so back that only 2 in the pack finished. A redemption trail of sorts. Grundle and I had no other good ideas and we're lazy, so we were happy to go along with it. Trail was amazing. Great views of Cella and Ceti bay on the ridge, and no matter if you took true trail or one of Grundle's many on-backs, you got to the same gully and river.

But this is where experiences diverged. See, Grundle and I ran live (no idea what happened to Two Buck, except that he flew somewhere else beside the on-home. #TeamSmugReturns). And the most fun part of trail should have been the gully down from the ridge into the main river. There were some good drops and two rope climbs down (we even stole the ropes from some random slope on the ridge where a rope clearly wasn't needed). When we hares were in the gully, there was just the beginning of rain. Then, when we got down to the river, we had 15-20 minutes of mostly stagnant river to slog through (likely the least fun part of trail). But then it started to rain harder. and harder. Oh hey there flash flood, didn't see you there.

The main pack of the hounds, which was only 15-20minutes behind us, had a completely different time. The gully we were so proud of became a death trap and was no longer navigable. Booo! But, the stagnant river all of a sudden became a lazy river with a nice undercurrent. Yay! Well lazy if you count the bamboo hazards and the plethora of little fire ants that came along with them. Still, most people had fun and almost everyone was in before dark. In case you're following along at home, THIS is how you set a southern trail in October.

The rain that made trail fun made religion quite an ordeal. Somehow, despite muddy ground and wet pallets, Godzirra breathed us a fire in no time. Tyrant was trying to hold onto his beer, the vessel, and an umbrella all at the same time while the rest of us huddled around the fire, except for Al, who kept stepping directly in front of people, as if he forgot someone else was trying to stay warm. Minstrel yelled at the hares for making trail too easy since PC wasn't there. Bambi didn't get punched even though the on-home was just feet away from the original incident. Just Chris got named Why the Long Face due to doing a face first slide and tripping over his own face. This prompted that sort of hopeful then disappointed reaction from the crowd. Like when you think the girl in the movie is going to show her boobs, but then she doesn't and you remember it's a PG-13 movie. Also, if Tori Spelling ever comes to the AH3, Tyrant has given his blessing that whoever is in charge can re-use that name on her.

Huge thanks to my great co-hares, beer truck driver Bush Master, and everyone who was part of the sweet karaoke sesh at the on-on-on!

On-on to the world peace through beer run (remember, 10 bucks)


"What happens on the hash, stays on the hash...except when it's written in the hash trash."

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