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Hash Trash #1789

Headline: check out our new website:

Sub-headline: sport drinking dominates religion

September 24, 2016

Hares: Menstruating Minstrel and Likes Cock

Box: Cross-island road near the Adventist school

On-home: Just up the road before Tarzan

Pubic Cervix: we have a new website! It used to be switched around, ( but that thing was old, and so difficult to edit because it was controlled by some guy who hasn't hashed in 20+ years who maybe only Spazz knows (same guy who controls this way outdated yahoo group we still all have to use). So webmaster Blowhole just decided one night to say Fuck this, the AH3 needs to enter this decade, and poof, he created a spiffy new website. The hash trashes will all be uploaded there, though I will keep posting them on this group since I know about 70% of you will be too lazy to click on a link. We have all of Hash Flash Godzirra's best shots of the day on there (assuming he posts them on fb before I write this, which of course, this week, he hasn't), and we even put things about how we do nice things (e.g. The Guam Coastal Clean-up) so when we make the PDN and people start looking us up, they'll see that we're not just a bunch of drunk assholes (at least on paper). Check it out and bookmark it right between your fantasy football and your go-to porn site.

Trail summary: I wasn't there, but I can say that since it was a Minstrel trail, it had a shit-ton of river and at least one waterfall. Fact check that shit and see if I'm wrong. There were a number of visiting hashers and all of them came in after dark. One of the visitors was the guy who wrote in the worldwide hash magazine about our now legendary 1683 (hashtag never forget). I mean, come on, you have to know what you're getting into here. I know we say a lot, but our hash really does tea bag all other hashes.

With the darksiders going hard the night before (looked like a lot of fun...could have used some more ladies), the crowd was pretty small. So small in fact that there were no FNGs. With no new people, and all the visitors out on trail, Mismanagement was like, uh, tales from the trail, questionmark? The one major tale had a guy get named Bubbles. See, he was hanging out with Bambi at the bottom of one of the waterfalls (eagle I believe), and he was really excited to sit in the little pools with all the bubbles. Bambi, who was no doubt equally excited but has an intractable name, called him out, and he's now Bubbles. This makes him the second person to get a bubble-based name from Bambi. The other, of course, being our distinguished Tyrant Bi-Bubble-Yum. Besides, that, most of the tales told at the vessel were non-hash related stories used to fill time while the circle waited for the visitors. Not to say it wasn't entertaining, but it was mostly glorified sport drinking. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

On-on to the 1790!


"What happens on the hash, stays on the hash...except when it's written in the hash trash."

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