Hash Trash #1785: Surprise! It's a Berserk!

Hares: Blowhole and Tampon

Box and On-Home: Entrance to Talofofo Falls

Trail Summary:

Boy, this trail was a dud. I honestly can't remember the early parts because it was so long. I have a vague memory of some cool stuff in the first five miles--a latte site, some pretty river, a bunch of unexploded ordinances. It seemed like we were on target for a high caliber hash. And then everything blew up in our faces.

As we ran along we found a "NO HASHERS" sign up put up by an angry landowner, which gives you an idea of how this trail would go. Those of us who were dumb enough to take the Eagle Trail were treated to the sound of gunshots. A short time later we heard a voice booming across the valley: "GET THE HELL OUT! YOU'RE TRESPASSING! I'LL SHOOT YOU!" Turns Bambi and 2Beer had run into a hunter, and he was as pissed as you would expect him to be when 2Beer got in the way of his deer hunting.