Hash Trash #1784

Hares: Rip Van Wanker and Coral Sex

Box: somewhere in Agat, turn at the broken white car, pass some boonie dogs and wary residents, up a hill, and you're there

On-home: in Agat where the old VFW burnt down

Trail summary: we are having a summer of lost trails my fellow hashers (noted, there have been a few notable exceptions). Another Saturday in the long days of summer , another short, shitty, boring trail. The hares tried to make it longer by doing 3 successive stupid loops into a river and then back onto a jeep trail. Some of us didn't even take any of them. At most people took the first one and then just flew the jeep trail. I casual hashed with our distinguished supreme leader, who declared that wherever he was, he was at the front of the pack. Anyone "ahead" of him, to use the term of the invalids, was actually just that far behind.