November 5, 2016

Headline: Not liking any American options, the AH3 turns to Britain for their new tyrant: Drip Lip. Long may he reign!

Sub-Headline: Tyrant BiBubbleYum abdicates power after finally getting all the words to the FNG speech right

sub-sub-headline: AH3 makes cancer suc...

October 18, 2016

Headline: "If I could self butt chug, I wouldn't need a girlfriend." ~Grundle Bundle (on the drive to the on-on-on)

Sub-headline: flash flooding makes great KGB hare

October 15, 2016

Hares: Drip Lip, Grundle Bundle, and Falsetbro

Box: southern mountain overlook

On-home: pow...

September 10, 2016

Hares: McPeanut, Drip Lip

Box: Southern Mountain Overlook

On-Home: Water tower in Umatac

Trail Summary: The good news is, this trail was better than the last one McPeanut set, a run I fondly remember as the McPeanutbutter and Diarrhea sandwich. If this rate of improvement...

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